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Coastal Culture – The Mullins Sisters

Coastal Culture – The Mullins Sisters

More than just a band


by Megan Schiffres

It’s called blood harmony when family members playing music together achieve a level of unity in their performance, tenor, and style that can only be rooted in a life-long connection, and it can be heard clearly in every cord strung and sung by the Mullins Sisters.

The Mullins Sisters are a bluegrass country band of biological siblings whose original musical stylings mix traditional Appalachian country tunes with contemporary rock to create a fresh, high-energy acoustic timber that brings young listeners to their feet and reminds older country fans of their pasts.

From slow lingering ballads to thunderous, cowboy boot stomping country anthems, the Mullins Sisters deliver a wide range of rhythmic renditions which appeal to all types of listeners.

“I would say it’s country but it’s kind of folk, it’s kind of bluegrass, it’s very Americana,” said Deanna Mullins.

The trio, comprised of sisters Deanna, Betty, and Mary, has been playing music together since childhood. Growing up in Gloucester, the sisters were raised by musicians and surrounded by music from birth.

“We all migrated to music. I think we couldn’t help it because it’s in our blood,” said Deanna.

Deanna, who plays acoustic guitar and the keyboard for the band, said she and Betty both played music professionally with other regional bands for decades before the Mullins Sisters were formed in 2015. That year, the band released their debut album, “Yesterday’s Gone,” which quickly gained acclaim in the independent country music scene in Nashville. An energetic original song from that album, “Lyin’ To My Heart,” won Song of the Year in Nashville from Country Blast Radio and in 2017 the Mullins Sisters were nominated for Group of the Year at the Nashville Independent Music Awards.

The sisters are in the writing stages of their second album, which does not yet have a title. According to Mary, the drum player of the band, their next album will have a wider commercial appeal and will focus on themes of love, revenge, and female empowerment.

“As we’ve put our band together it’s evolved in certain ways. It’s gotten a little more edgier, a little bit more contemporary,” Mary said.

The Mullins Sisters will perform June 7 at Jammin’ on the Point in West Point, and will appear at the Richmond Harley Davidson Back to Blue concert June 29 in Richmond.