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Eric Jacobson to present lecture on deadrise boats

Eric Jacobson to present lecture on deadrise boats


LANCASTER—Eric Jacobson will review Chesapeake deadrise workboats at 2 p.m. February 10 at Good Luck Cellars, 1025 Good Luck Road, Kilmarnock.

“Chesapeake mariners and boatbuilders developed unique, useful and attractive craft for their work. To say, ‘V-bottom Chesapeake boats’ is almost redundant—this type, also called ‘deadrise,’ has  been characteristic of the area for the past 150 years,” said Jacobsen.

He will review variations of this basic boat type using a compilation of such traditional designs by the naval architect, Harry Sucher. His talk represents a review of Sucher’s 1973 book, Simplified Boatbuilding: The V-bottom Boat, said Jacobsen.

He will start with an introduction to “lines drawings,” the way that boat shapes are represented on paper and use this background to discuss a variety of Chesapeake workboats: slow or fast, seaworthy or not so much, easier or harder to build, but mostly economical and efficient, he said.

Many of these were propelled by sail or by early engines, were designed to move at moderate speeds with minimal power and would be especially suitable for electric power, continued Jacobsen. Some are perfectly adapted to the steep chop of the Chesapeake.

Jacobsen taught internal medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University and lives in Lottsburg with his wife, Christiane.